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Theme Changes to pass Google's Mobile Friendly Test


Almost a year long project started when Dina Holland asked me to have a look at one of her websites which was attracting mega amounts of spam comments and report back. She was aware that it was on a WordPress Theme which was not responsive and so would get demoted in search rankings.  Before Dina had a chance to take any further action the backend of 2 of her websites crashed with an outdated plugin and thus she was locked out.

Within an hour and a half I had hacked all 3 websites, deleted the offending plugin and backed them up.

What followed was a series of works on a couple of the websites to change the themes, audit all the plugins, improve the functionality, increase the security and schedule regular backups.  Subsequent work included rebranding the sites to be congruent with a completely new site “Peak Business Insight“.

Latterly all 3 sites were syndicated so that a post created in one would automatically appear in the others.

The websites

It was a fascinating project which started very small and just grew and grew. 

2 of the sites had business directories which were free to add Derbyshire based businesses to.  One focused on Retail and the other on the Service Sector. Each was packed with information on everything from sales to funding.

Dina had limited images and so most were royalty free images from online collections.

Dina took over complete control of the website’s content and then engaged me to look after security and maintenance.

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