• Creating beautiful websites from scratch to meet your needs

    WordPress based websites designed to meet your objectives.

    It is a must for all websites to be easy to use, easy to find and easy to change/add content. Beyond that they have to actually do what you want them to do.

  • Creating a fresh new look and improving website functionality

    Websites become outdated with themes and plugins which are unsupported.

    Things change with time and so should your website. New features and functions help to engage users.

  • Get an expert to work with you to get more out of your existing website

    Talk to me about what you want your website to do and where you feel that it is falling short.

    Whether it's SEO, advertising, functionality or learning some of the current best practice for adding content using WordPress.

    WordPress Websites that Work

    English speaking web designer based in Chamonix

    Creating Beautiful websites that meet your needs

    Websites has many different needs from weblogs (or blogs) to commercial sites to advertise products or services.  Some persuade users to buy online, where others turn visitors into customers.  Others impart and gather knowledge, and some are just for fun and to get people to connect somehow. Whatever your objectives for your website, it needs to be found by the right people, and it needs to be easy to use.  Things change rapidly in this day and age and so your website should be easy to change too. Users of the internet are also an amazing resource; they share things in more and more ways.  Your site and content should be easy to share as well.  You never know who knows your next best customer.

    Website Re-design


    Fresh new look...

    Re-invigorate your website.   Increase your traffic.  Generate more leads.

    Rework your content; search engines and users love sites that change.


    Improved functionality...

    Keep what works and change what doesn’t.  Redefine your target audience and set new goals.

    Make your website truly mobile friendly.  Google say 75% of users are on mobile devices.

    All without losing...

    Any existing website has established traffic and website presence (SEO).  This must be safeguarded! To ignore this or risk losing it is like starting a new business from scratch.


    Lets cast an eye...

    Let’s take a good look at your website and talk about your objectives.  Are they still in line or does something need to change.  Let’s explore options and see what potential is hiding there.

    Having worked as a business facilitator for numerous companies I understand how things work. Sometime you can be too close to a problem to see it clearly. Get an objective view.

    Learn how to manage your own website more effectively.


    who is Alun barrett

    Creating websites based on WordPress to meet clients' needs.

    Chamonix Mont Blanc

    Facilitated discussion

    I start off talking with you about the site. Who you want to find it, where they live and what you want them to do once they land on it.


    Identify the competition. What you like about their websites and what you don't. What is gonna make the difference between your site and theirs?


    Based on the output from the above, I will create a site (offline) for development. Through your feedback the site will take shape until you are happy to launch it onto the internet.



    Website Designer

    A humble Guy who cares about websites

    Al, or Alun, whichever you prefer

    Alun has been designing websites for folk for about 15 years.  It all started when he ran a learning & development company in the UK and needed a website.  The agency who did the job created something beautiful that didn’t actually do anything for the business.  The next site he did himself.

    Since then Al has created numerous sites for other people, each of which meets the client’s objectives in a beautiful way.  Some sell products while others sell services.  There are business directories and weblogs for projects. Most are in English, but others are in various languages.

    All of them are optimised for Search Engines (SEO) and deliver the goods.

    Where in the World...

    Chamonix Mont Blanc

    Chamonix is home in the winters.  It is a magical place and a huge playground for people who love the mountains.

    The Midlands UK

    Between seasons I flit between Yorkshire and Derbyshire  visiting friends and family. Both have been bases for a long time.

    Ariege, French Pyrenees

    Summers are spent in the mountains of the border to Spain where my wife and I have converted an old barn.

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