Clive Baker Artisan in the Ariege France

A Multi-lingual WordPress business website


  • Address
  • The Brief – to put a simple website together to generate business within a 15 mile radius of home
  • Theme chosen – Responsive (free)
  • Code customised – Yes
  • Basic Plugins- All in one SEO, qTranslate, qTranslate Meta
  • Cost to client – 800€

Clive wanted a website as a tool to generate new business  He does not even know how to turn a computer on let alone check to see if he has any emails.

I started by getting him to do some homework when he was on holiday. I asked him to come up with as many three word phrases as possible which would describe the building services that he wants to sell more of.

This was a great start as it basically gave me the key words, in terms of SEO, that would be the basis of the site.  Then I sat down and listed the services associated with the search terms Clive gave me and started building the site.

This is my first multi-lingual site and I went down the free plugin route. That in turn presented new challenges for SEO.  In order to get the best results I have ended up using 2 different plugins for SEO, using some feature of one and others from the 2nd.

Imagery for the site was and still is an issue as before now he has never had to produce a portfolio or even record any of the work he has been involved in. Fortunately as he has done so much for us we already had quite a good stock of images and others we have managed to set up.

The website

The website worked well for Clive and was publicised with a local radio advert.  As all his work was in a fairly small geographic area this seemed the optimal media.

The radio ad also had the bonus that he could turn it on when he wanted more work and had the time to generate quotes, and turn it off when he had too much to do.

In that respect radio is an alternative and possibly more effective that Google adwords.

Unfortunately Clive has past away and the site is no longer live

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