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  • The Brief – New website for an Occupational Therapist and SEO
  • CMS chosen – WordPress
  • Code customised – No
  • Cost to client –   750€

I have known Debbie Racki for a long time and when she went self employed as an OT and needed a website, I jumped at the chance to get involved.

Debbie is based on the South Coast of England and needed a site that was optimised based on geography as well as Occupational Therapy.

I didn’t have a clue what an OT actually did so it was an education for me. After a few chats on the phone I started to put together a single page site based on WordPress.

Visually and functionality wise I managed to hit the nail on the head. I then needed to get Debbie’s input for the content and feedback on the images.

Debbie then got a bunch of friends and colleagues to cast their eyes over the site and give feedback. Changes were made and then the SEO was added in order to attract visits from her locality rather than nationwide.

The website needed to generate private work but also be attractive to agencies so it says exactly “what is in the tin” and also has a downloadable CV for the agencies.

The website

As a single page website the menu across the top links to different elements on the page. Then it’s a case of getting the order correct. One way to think about it is “how you would introduce yourself”.

The over riding objective is to get someone (the user) to find the site when looking for an OT in the Rustington area and for them to contact Debbie. There is a call to action right near the top saying “Get in touch” and the site has been made to concentrate on the geographic area around Rustington.

Debbie also got a professional email address with the website’s URL so that she can separate her personal stuff from work. And the contact form sends emails to both personal and work addresses to make sure it gets dealt with.

All the imagery is royalty free including the slightly medical looking background.

The site has a basic Privacy Policy for GDPR compliance.

The website is regularly backed up and some advanced security has been applied.

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