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  • Address https://www.yamadeco.com/
  • The Brief – Sort out the SEO so that the new site appears on search engines
  • CMS chosen – Squarespace
  • Code customised – No
  • Cost to client –   320€

Polly Grosset initially started talking to me about Search Engine Optimisation in broad terms. She had two website projects in mind. One was purely as a portfolio for her Interior Design Business, and the other was for the sale of made to measure curtains online.

Polly initially had someone develop the Interior Design site using WordPress. That turned out to be a disaster and so she took on the task herself using squarespace.

Now I am not an expert with Squarespace (am now), but SEO is SEO, right?

Working on someone else’s website made me realise how much thought goes into the sites I design from scratch, and how much harder it is to get an existing website to perform on the internet. Also there is the additional dialogue that has to take place to get the site designer to accept various changes.

All in all it was a very therapeutic project.

"I hope you are well wherever you are. I just wanted to let you know that I have had a few enquiries and clients through the website via search engines which is fantastic. Never really understood it but it obviously works!"
Polly Grosset
Polly Grosset
Interior Designer

The website

The site was designed by Polly on Squarespace rather than WordPress. As an Interior Designer, the site looked fabulous and minimalist, very visual.

One of the first actions once the site was live was to get it registered on Google Business.

Next was to tackle the SEO. This entailed some elements of negotiation over developing the content so that search engines  could understand what the website was about.

The site is now well optimised for orgqnic searches, and I have learnt loads about squarespace and it’s limitations.

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