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Business website and blog based on WordPress


  • Address
  • The Brief – to build myself a professional site as a Facilitator & Trainer
  • Theme chosen – Sight (free)
  • Code customised – Yes
  • Basic Plugins- All in one SEO, Contact Form 7, Shashin
  • Cost to client – I rewarded myself with beer which is probably why I have never finished the job

When the time came to put up a personal business site I was already sold on the potential of WordPress.  Now I fall into the category of people who don’t like talking about themselves, so developing a site for myself is really hard and to tell you the truth I don’t think that I will ever be happy with it.

But then that is the beauty of WordPress. I can alter the layout, the text, the images and everything. Then it is just a question of time.

As this site has a blog element to it, it also has the capacity to become “out of date” very quickly.  A little tweaking of the code in the theme removed the time code which means that the reader has no reference as to when the posts were published.

Having control of your own site does allow you great control of both content and look and it’s usability.

The website

You will be pleased to hear that I did “finish the job”.  Since then the site has been revamped a couple of times as themes and plugins became unsupported.

Having old themes and plugins is a risk to security and it is well worth maintaining a website properly to keep out most unscupulous users.

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