How to get the best out of your WordPress Website

When you need some SEO advice and tips, would you search the web for an SEO “expert” or contact a specialist in webdesign, PHP, wordpress, CSS, logo design & SEO?

Think of a wordpress plugin as your “SEO expert”. There are several great (and free) plugins available. My favourite is the All in One SEO Pack but there is also WordPress SEO and Yoast.

DoWordpress SEO advice

Use a good plugin and learn some basics.  Start using it from the beginning and keep your SEO going as you add content. I recently had to go through a media library on a site sorting all the SEO out for over 500 images. It’s boring and takes a lot of time.


Use the SEO options built into your chosen theme. These options may work really well and be just as good as a plugin BUT, if at some stage in the future the theme becomes unsupported or you just want to use a different theme then all that hard work will be lost. Not only lost but you will have to repeat it in order to keep up your rankings with the search engines.

Next up is Permalinks.  A permalink is a permanent static hyperlink to a particular web page or entry in a blog.

DoWordpress permalink advice

Set a permalink structure which is search engine friendly.  For example doesn’t tell you or search engines anything about this post or how useful it is.  You can easily change the permalink structure in the Settings – Permalinks area of the dashboard to include /%postname%/ WordPress will then automatically assign a permalink like this Better?


Get lazy and just leave permalinks up to WordPress as it is a little like relying on Google Translate to get a French version of your site.  For evry bit of content you generate you can choose a custom permalink structure. So for this post I chose


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