pinterestIncrease your websites potential using Pinterest

This may sound stupid but first off make sure that you are ready for Rich Pins. What I mean is make sure that your media is presented the way you want it to be seen.   For this you will have to get filling in some boxes.  Go to the media library and go through all your media individually filling in the “caption”, “alternative text” and the “description” box for each.  This will also help with SEO!  It is worth looking at some of the Pins here and clicking through to the website to see what information is picked up by the Rich Pin from the webpage and from the media file so that you get your pins presented how you want them.

Next you need what is called Open Graph metadata to your site’s pages. Oh No!

Yes Really; and it’s simple. I chose to use a plugin, I installed Open Graph Protocol Framework and then activated it. Job’s a carrot. Done.

Navigate your site to a post and copy the URL. Past it into the box on this page on the Pinterst Developer site. Remember it is the URL of the post you need not the image itself.

Once validated then just click “Apply Now”.

The Pinterest team then get back to you with a Yes or a No. If you get a yes that is straight forward; if you get a NO then it is well worth resubmitting.  When I tried to get Rich Pins for Ski Breezy, a catered chalet in Chamonix, I got a NO; reapplied and got a YES. I had not changed anything at all, all I can assume is that a different person checked out the site and came to a different conclusion. When you get a YES you also get a link to see what your pins look like now.

Checkout these Pins!