Is the coming year going to be a Responsive one

Mobile and Tablet Friendly websites with WordPress

First off what is a Responsive website?

To quote Mashable
“In simple terms, a responsive web design uses “media queries” to figure out what resolution of device it’s being served on.”

If your website is not responsive then it is past the point where you need to get it re-designed.

So what does that mean for a website? What it means is that the site is automatically scaled to fit whatever device the browser is using. Give it a try with the site I did for Clive Baker. Open any site and scale the window you are using to see how the site views.

The forecasts for 2013 in terms of sales means that fewer laptops are going to be sold compared to the previous year. Sales of tablets and smartphones are still soaring. I know that when I look at analytics of a website for Ski Breezy, a Catered Chalet in Chamonix, 30% of traffic is from Tablets.

For existing WordPress sites it is fairly easy to find a new theme and activate it. My guess is that the volume of Responsive themes available will also increase this coming year.

I am definitely going to start a collection of nice Responsive themes to play with for different websites. I think that there are loads of people out there who are going to revamp their old sites with a fresh look to suit the new era of Tablets and Smartphones.


Since writing this post mobiles or Smart Phones as they are now known are commonplace. Websites must now be responsive as over 70% of users access the internet on their phones.

Social Media has had huge growth and there are so many more ways users can share content and communicate.

If your website is not responsive then it is past the point where you need to get it re-designed.

So what do you need to know?

  • Cost wise a certificate will set you back about £25/year so for 50p/week you will get ranked above non secure websites whether you need a secure site or not.
  • New websites are dead easy – just set up an SSL Certificate on your server through your hosting company as you develop your website.
  • Existing websites are a little more complicated –
    • Any existing links out there to will need to be redirected to to maintain both your websites SEO and also for any clients who have bookmarked your site or any page on it.
    • All your website content will have to be “secure” in order to get the green padlock and secure status. If any of your content is brought in from a non secure site you will get a “partially secure” notification in the browser. This includes images (src=”http://) and also content from other websites.

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